For a business looking for a cost effective (should I say cheap) way of printing leaflets why not try The software is basic and there are design limitations – such as only one image download. The overall effect however is incredible for the price. You probably can’t buy the blank unprinted card cheaper!

I shall be out on the local streets delivering for the next month or so. Part one of the shoestring marketing campaign. So if you are taking a gander at the website after receiving the leaflet, thank you for looking. I did the same kind of drop when I was an electrician in East Preston and it proved quite effective – in fact it turned out to be my only marketing tool.

I was nervous waiting for them to turn up, thinking I would be using the back of them as 3M POST-IT replacements for the rest of my life. The final product was a pleasant surprise. Now we will see if they have any effect.


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