It is not an easy process choosing a company name. If you are choosing to start a Limited company it is a good idea to check the availability of your chosen name at Companies Houseand at the same time check if the correspondingdomain name can also be registered. Below are some pointers – the name you choose is unlikely to include all of these attributes:

  • says what your company does and where it does it
  • available as .com and/or
  • is easy to say and spell (not obscure)
  • is catchy
  • would float if your business expands
  • something target customers can relate to and understand
  • allows for future diversification
  • is comforting and familiar

What to avoid:

  • involving too many people in the decision making process
  • welding an adjective to a noun e.g. Qualiserve
  • using plain words unless you are the first to do it e.g. General Electric
  • location names as they may hinder if you expand beyond local
  • a name you may have to change later on
  • cliches e.g. Apex Storage
  • invented words unless you have a big marketing budget
  • using long and confusing words
  • cute puns only you understand

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