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Posts by Ian James

Simpler taxation of Sole Trader profits?

HMRC have introduced a new method for calculating some key business expenses for Sole Traders and Partnerships. They are called flat rate expenses schemes. When we start completing your tax returns in April and May 2014 – never leaving it to the last minute – we will compare the two methods to determine which will…

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Choosing a company name

It is not an easy process choosing a company name. If you are choosing to start a Limited company it is a good idea to check the availability of your chosen name at Companies Houseand at the same time check if the correspondingdomain name can also be registered. Below are some pointers – the name…

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Choosing your marketing words

I had some sound advice from a friend when I was struggling to come up with the words to put on my leaflet: Where’s your brand ? People like a brand, even if they don’t know it. It reassures. Shouldn’t YOU be the main (reassuring) brand name? It should be obvious the instant they look…

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Posting out flyers

For a business looking for a cost effective (should I say cheap) way of printing leaflets why not try The software is basic and there are design limitations – such as only one image download. The overall effect however is incredible for the price. You probably can’t buy the blank unprinted card cheaper! I…

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